Board destruction
While the boards are built around standard PCIe switch and tested at production, there can be rare cases where the board is not functioning as expected. To replace the board, it shall be sent back, however shipping can cost quite amount of time and money.
To avoid these costs, board can be destroyed beyond possible repair.

Refund or replacement board will be provided after receiving a valid photo of destroyed board.

  • This procedure shall be followed only when approved by email
  • Board shall be destroyed by physically destroying components: main chip and at least half of passives (tiny parts around main IC)
  • Other methods of destruction (ESD damage, unsoldering, etc) are not accepted, unless agreed in advance
  • Photo of destroyed board shall be sharp, clear and bright to identify beyond possible repair damage
  • If more than one board to be destroyed, all boards shall be demonstrated on one photo
Failure to fulfill conditions above may be a reason for refusal in refund/replacement.
The procedure
Step 1: prepare tools. Most suitable tools are: screwdriver with sharp and flat bits and a hammer with rubber cap. Also make sure to work on a surface which is ok to receive some accidental damage.
Step 2: position sharp screwdriver over the main IC
Step 3: hit the screwdriver to break IC package.
Depending on screwdriver and a strength of hitting it, several hits may be required.
Step 4: move main IC plastic plastic parts away
Step 5: use flat screwdriver to tear off SMD parts
Step 6: push the screwdriver to the board and slowly move it forward, while slightly rotating it CW/CCW.
No need to apply a big force - parts are coming off quite easily
Step 7: make a picture of the board and email it
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